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Manhunt is a single player stealth horror game. There are 20 levels out of which the last 3 are bonuses. The Game's main character is James Earl Cash.  The Game becomes bloodier along with the game progress. The first level contains fast and blood-less ways of execution of enemies like: Plastic Bag for suffocation and progressively moves to Wires for stealth execution, Nail-Guns, Revolvers, Blades, Base-ball bats, glass shards etc. The Player has to hide in the shadows and execute the enemies without getting their HP down or letting the enemy raise alarm.

Minimum Requirements:
                256 MB Physical Memory (RAM)
                32 MB Video Memory
                900 MB HDD Space
This is a Torrent Link and this one is a Mediafire link(190 MB).

Please Note that Avira may falsely detect Manhunt.exe as TR/Rootkit.Gen. It is only a false-positive.

And here are the screenshots of the Game:

The Player carrying the dead body of an enemy (called hunter in the game)
This game has been banned in a number of countries due to excessive gore and violence and it's possession may be considered an offense in those countries.

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