How to-Map network drive in XP? Share Drives & Folders in Windows OS

1. Make sure both your PC and the PC you want to share your Drive / Folder with are on the same LAN
2. Both Computers must be of same WorkGroup([MY COMPUTER] -> [PROPERTIES] -> [COMPUTER NAME] -> [WORKGROUP]) Name (Optional) and Password Protection must be off.

Turn Password Protecting off.
 3.    Don't forget to obtain the name of the Computer you are connecting to.
4.    Right Click the Folder / Drive icon you want to share.
 Now, goto the Sharing TAB and:
                                (a) Click on Share this folder on the NetWork
                                (b) Allow network users to change my file
5. Check the Option 4.(b) only if you want to be able to write on the Shared Drive from the Other PC you are sharing the Drive / Folder with. And, also don't forget the 'Share-Name', we will need it too.  Same goes for the folder too.
6.  Now, open My Computer from the Second PC and Click [TOOLS] -> [MAP NETWORK DRIVE]. A new window called 'Map Network Drive' will show up.
7.  Now, Choose any un-assigned Drive-Letter and type:
9. Click [FINISH]. And, it will show up as a Network Drive.

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