GTA download for PC

Grand Theft Auto 3

Minimum Requirements:
  1.  16 MB Video Memory
  2.   500 MB HDD
Download Real GTA III

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Minimum Requirements:
  1. 32 MB Video Memory
  2. 1.28 GB HDD
GTA VC download ThePirateBay

Download Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas >>


  1. how can i run gta vice city in my pc without graphic ard through 3D analyzer.......please help me

    1. I'm unaware of 3D Analyzer running Gta VC, SwiftShader might work instead, but it'll be slow.
      Gta Vice City should work with 32 MB of Video Memory (it says it needs at least 24 MB), any Computer these days are capable of performing better than that ..