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PowerBASIC for Windows is a native code compiler for all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 7. It creates applications with a Graphical User Interface (GUI), to provide the typical "Look and Feel" of Windows. It creates highly efficient executables and industry-standard DLLs for optimum flexibility. The machine code generated by PowerBASIC is among the mostefficient in the industry, both in terms of size and speed. It compares most favorably with leading compilers of any dialect, Pascal, C++, Fortran, and others. 

The newest version of PB/Win sports a number of exciting new features. Total support for both ANSI and Unicode strings with automatic conversion. Simplified resource support. You can add resource data inline, right in your basic source code. There is no need to create a resource file, compile it, and then link it into your source. All this done automatically. Dead code removal. Unreferenced code will be removed from the compiled program to minimize the executable file size. Create client COM application sand COM components using Dispatch, Direct, Automation, or Dual interfaces. The inline assembler has been expanded to support the full range of SIMD opcodes. A complete graphics engine, a printer package for Windows-Only printers, dynamic pointers, and thread local storage, to name just a few.

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Download Powerbasic 9 for Windows (PBWIN 9.05) - SITE1SITE2  Download Powerbasic 10 for Windows (PBWIN 10) - SITE1 | SITE2 | SITE3
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