USB not recognized

USB Not Recognized is an error related to the Universal Serial Bus.

First make sure that your USB Device (USB Keyboard or Pendrive) is not faulty. You can do that by connecting the Device to other Computer(s).Most of the time, it is the damaged Device itself not the USB Port.

What people report is that their Cell-phones properly charge when connected and kept to charge with a USB Cable.

Try unplugging the Computer completely from the main power line. Keep it so somewhere from 30 seconds to at most 30 minutes. Many reported to have their USB Ports working fine back again after doing so. If it is a Laptop, dis-connect the battery for the given period of time to see if it helps.
While this may not be the case for everyone, many report to have their USB Ports working fine again after replacing their Lithium Battery. Maybe that is the case for you.
Lithium Battery
The causes of this error are as follows:
  1. Outdated Driver
  2. Faulty Hardware
  3. Loose Connection

Outdated Driver:
Download and install the latest version on the Driver from the Device Manufacturer's website. The Driver must be compatible to your Operating System.

Loose Connection:
Reseat the Motherboard. Pay a careful attention to the USB Cables connected to the Motherboard while reseating the Mobo.

Faulty Hardware:
The only solution could be replacing the Motherboard or using a what is known as 'PCI to USB Card'. Have all the 6 / 8 USB ports stopped working? If only the two USB Ports on the front section of the Computer have stopped working then, it could because of a cheap cabling.

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