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RealBasic is a Dialect of Basic programming language from RealStudio. It has support for Object Oriented Programming and it overcomes the serious limitations possessed by Visual Basic 6. It can produce stand-alone native applications for Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC OS X.

Real Studio for the Desktop
Real Studio Desktop Edition enables you to build stand-alone, native applications for Mac OS X, Windows & Linux. The drag and drop interface and object-oriented language abstract you from the code, letting you focus on building your application. You can even do a lot of your development without writing any code at all.
Real Studio has over 40 native user interface controls including buttons, lists, fields and tab panels. We also offer extended database support for database servers like Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server (Windows only) or any ODBC data source, native reporting tools and Internet and networking features, making Real Studio a simple yet powerful development environment. It's cross-platform that really works.
Real Studio for the Web
Real Studio Web Edition allows you to easily create rich, web 3.0 applications up to 50 times faster than traditional web development tools by using a single programming language rather than HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX and PHP. Because of its unique interface, almost any application built for the desktop can now be created for the web with ease.
Real Studio's user interface controls are supported by all the popular browsers, saving you hours of testing on different browsers. And your applications are compiled to binary, so they are safe and easy to sell.
Source: RealStudio

You can download a trial version of Realbasic from the RealStudio download page. Download RealBasic 2007 R4 from 4Shared Download RealBasic Professional 2009 R2 from KAT
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  1. You can download a free trial of the latest Real Studio release from anytime!

  2. Although RealBasic has its pluses, it is NOT a programming environment for significant and major applications. It falls way short in certain capabilities, and third party add-ons are either inconsequential, limited, and/or narrow in focus. I truly wish it could be better... MUCH better (and I have wished this for years). But for now, if you're doing anything significant, .NET is (unfortunately), the best game in town (and I have no love for .NET).

    1. After checking out dozen of web application frameworks and general computer languages I conclude RealStudio is the deal. I cannot stand those monster IDEs (you have to learn an IDE on top of 1..3..5? languages. VS is roughtly 4 times slower than Delphi IDE and 10 times slower than SmallTalk IDE... backward movement. The C# exefiles half speed ... complexity doubled(?) (but still better than Java). Software becomes slower faster than the machines becomes faster..

  3. Thanks bro for this info ... now i can start with this Lang :)