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Scams Links and Scam posts accompanied by Scam Scripts are nothing new on web. With this post, my attempt is to dig deep inside the heart (I suppose,) of the Facebook Scams. Lets not just restrict our topic to Facebook Scams but expand it to the PTC Site Money (or Referral) Adder (ie Injector) Scam Links. Scams we all know are nothing new, they are around since ages and they will continue to exist in the future, changing the lives of the unsuspecting people and causing chaos and menace. 

The last days of the year 2011 (esp. Dec) saw a huge leap in the number of Facebook Scam(s) and ofcourse, the Facebook victims. There were the links to n*de videos related to an Italian model (usually) accompanied by a Suicide video.
Yeah it happens live on Television | Girl commits suicide after her dad posts ..
A glimpse of the Facebook Scam
You can find a Sophos article on the topic here. The Videos were so widespread and so effective that thousands of people got hacked / infected within hours. But, no-one realized the fake (random) Blog-spot blog link of the Video (if it links to a Blog-spot Blog) and (sometimes) the  (possibly, intentional) mistake of the word 'embracing' instead of the word 'embarrassing'. And when they did realize that it was just another scam, they started to share information pictures like this:

Awareness images shared by Facebook users
I never clicked the bu**s**t link so, I never had the first hand experience of what it actually did. But, a malware researcher had written in his blog that the users would be prompted to install some phony plugin (called OMX Plugin) before s/he was allowed to and / or let to actually watch the videos. Until now, we have been talking only about Facebook Script Scams. Now, lets talk about what they have in store these days.

Ever wanted to hack Facebook Accounts ? Ever wanted to know who views your Facebook Page ?
If your answer(s) to both of the above questions were YES then this is a must read part for you. There are thousands (yes not an estimation but, I said THOUSANDS)  of Videos showing you how you can hack Facebook Accounts on YouTube. There are many hundreds of more videos showing you how you can spy about who viewed your Facebook Page in last n days. Yes they actually work - I mean not their phony soft wares made in VB.NET / C# (C Sharp), I am talking about their Scam strategy and of course my Antivirus program. 
One of the particular Scam videos I'm talking about is the phony soft-ware (so-) called Facebook Profile View Checker. The Scam Video had (when I watched the Video,) reached 40, 612 views.  

Facebook Profile View Checker Video
You can still watch the Video running the phony Program here:

Before I actually ran it myself, I opened up the Google and typed 'Facebook profile view scam avg' and there it was the bu**s*** was what I had expected it to be.

Page about Facebook Profile Spy Scam
I knew that my Antivirus would kill it as my Antivirus had actually detected it before it was downloaded and blocked me from viewing the page. 

Antivirus Warning after download
So, I turned my Antivirus off for a while. I went to the download page and downloaded it.

From the program icon it's not hard to tell that it was compiled with either VB.NET or C#, I then ran the phony program.
Antivirus detection
My attempt here has been entirely to present the threat posed by the Scams. Huh, too much of Facebook talks, now let's change our topic a bit different Scam Strategy and change our topic to PTC Site Scams.

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