Play PSP games on pc - Play PSP Games on computer

First of all, download JPCSP.
JPCSP Website
Filesonic JPCSP Download Page
Since my Computer is not a 64-bit PC, I will have to download the Win32 build of JPCSP. If your Operating System is a 64 bit Operating System, you will have to download the Win64 build of JPCSP.Since it is a Java PSP Emulator, it will need the Java Runtime Environment to use it. Assuming you are using the Microsoft Windows Operating System (32 bit) , you can download the JRE from here

JRE Offline download

JRE Installation
Please note that JPCSP is a continuously updated Emulator, so the Version of JPCSP you have downloaded currently may reasonably require the latest version of JRE installed. Now, for the PSP Roms, you can go to the Website callled Nitroroms. Nitroroms is the largest ROMS Supplier on the Web and you will literally find hundreds and thousands of ROMS there for all kinds of Gaming Consoles.
Nitroroms PSP ROMS Page
Now, the ROM I am going to download is the ROM of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (GTA LCS) found here
Downloading GTA LCS Rom
I suggest you checkout the full list of compatible (playable) games in the JPCSP Website before downloading one. The one noteworthy thing is that if you've downloaded the GTA LCS game from the Nitroroms website, you will note that the game file available for download is a 7ZIP file. You will need to unpack the file to a Folder and then you will see some files with non-existent File extensions. Just open the first file with WINRAR or 7ZIP and unpack it. And, that's when you will get the real Game File (.ISO).

Files insize the downloaded 7Z File

Open the first one with WinRAR / 7ZIP

Unpack the JPCSP Package and put the unpacked game ISO/CSO File inside the JPCSP \umdimages Folder (In my case it would be a-gtacs.iso inside the \umdimages\ Folder). To run the JPCSP Console, start: start-windows-x86.bat

 Then Click File -> Load UMD

File -> Load UMD
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  1. Great tutorial!! thanks! how to change video resolution

  2. This game has been encrypted by the software publisher - so it said when i troed playing vice city stories. What to do?

    1. You'll have to use JPCSP's Crypto Option. A full documentation for it can be found here in Emunewz.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Does the regular psp games works for this emulator? From piratebay for example

  4. There is no iso file in the download from that exact site. It has Everything but the ISO. Waited an hour on my slow internet to find you info does not help at all
    Followed every step exactly.
    I'm 100% sure

  5. Found a better and easier rom site with roms that work. So I'm going to them now lol

    1. Thank you for the comment .. .

      NitroRoms has the largest no. of Roms for FREE download.

      The ISO File was hosted by the NitroRoms website (did not belong to this Blog), the file could be deleted anytime by either the uploader or the website admin himself. So sorry about that.

  6. It's all good, I know you don't own it lol
    I was just frustrated because I waited for a wipe and it was gone