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Yeah..Yeah.., this is what they claim. But, it's just a scam. You will only earn as little as a cent or two or 1/10th part of a cent. What's more, you are restricted to a limited number of clicks per day (usually 5-10). If this is enough for you, go ahead and click those bu**s*** links, make yourself some couple of cents every day. 
Hey, lets go back to PTC Scam. I found this site on Google called Two Dollar Click. Ooh, sounds like I really can double my investments (expenditure while running my PC ? Hmm, now that's what I'm talking about). I registered for a basic account. Registered one, got a free account.

Two Dollar Click
A look on my Email Account and no confirmation mail either, looks like they are more eager to share me some dollars - as fast as possible, quicker than I want to take it away from them. I made few random Clicks on Ads here and there and hey, I had just made $6. Hmm, I really can become rich online. 
3 Clicks = $2 x 3 = $6
Hmm, new ads always and easily earn $10 in few clicks? Now, below is the glimpse of the Two Dollar Click Advertisement page: 
Two Dollar Click Advertisement Page
It was giving me $2 for nothing while other PTC Sites were giving me just a fraction of a cent per Click. I opened up the Google Search-engine in my Browser and typed 'Two Dollar Click Scam'.

Google Search - Two Dollar Click Scam
Up came the PTCInvestigation page with the Scam details of TwoDollarClick here.

PTCInvestigation Page - TwoDollarClick Scam
There are many other PTC Sites that pay you up in cents and most of them are scams. The only PTC Sites that I know pay their users are Neobux and G20Clix. Neobux pays you in fraction of a cent per click. I made only $0.13 after 12 days of Clicks. As for G20Clix, it is $0.6 now.
PTC Sites can make you rich. They are really worth the time you spend in them 
PTC Sites are not worth the time and money you spend in them. You barely make a dollar after month/s of Clicks.

Now, lets talk about scamming these scams. There are wide variety of Money Injecting tools available on the Web. They can generate you hundreds of dollars from PTC Sites with a simple Click. There are thousands of videos on YouTube showing you how to use their Money Making / Adding / Injecting Tool. Their tools can make you somewhere from $1 per day to 100s of dollars online by cheating these Scam Sites.

There are thousands of videos on YouTube showing you how you can make tens and hundreds of Dollars from Neobux even though it is considered illegal and upon getting caught, you will be banned / legally charged.
And below is the glimpse of the phony programs that claim to inject your desired amount in your PTC Account.
Neobux Money Adder | Injector phony programs
And, it really works. Not the phony program, my Antivirus.

Antivirus Scan log
Most of the phony programs are made in either VB.NET or C#. They share the shortened download links (usually and/or Sharecash) because for each survey you complete and/or each click you make, they make money. 
While the amount per Click/Survey is somewhere in cents, the number of Clicks or surveys compensate it and make up a big sum for them. While some of them may actually work (I can't guarantee that all of them are phony) but, most of them are phony. If they could make money from their phony tool, they wouldn't have shared a shortened link for you to download.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it. Please give your valuable comment(s). And, thanks for reading.
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