Use Jabaco - Convert VBasic Code to Java ByteCode

Yes, now you can. With Jabaco, you can utilize your VB6 Skills to produce Java ByteCode. The Java Executable produced with Jabaco will run on all platforms which have Java Runtime Environment installed.

With Jabaco, you don't need to worry about the serious limitation of your favorite programming environment - VB6. Now, you don't need to at all worry about the Visual Basic 6 Runtime Files. With Jabaco, you write Code similar to VB6 Code and compile it to Java Bytecode (similar to the Java programming language).

Jabaco is Object Oriented. And what's more, the Jabaco Compiler doesn't need the Java Development Kit installed.The Jabaco IDE is pretty similar to the VB6 IDE. The Jabaco IDE supports Autocompletion, code highlighting, object browsing, and countless other valuable IDE Features.

Unlike Visual Basic 6 which produces native or p-code EXE files (.exe), Jabaco produces Java ByteCode (.jar).

You can visit Jabaco Website from here.

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