Browsers for Java Mobile phones

Every Java Mobile phone with GPRS support comes with an inbuilt Web Browser through which the user can surf the web. But, what the user experiences while surfing with the inbuilt/default browser in all J2ME cellphones is a pain. The inbuilt browser is not as user friendly as an average user expects it to be. The inbuilt browsers found in a typical J2ME phone lack some of the wonderful features (ie. Tabbed browsing, media  streaming, URL auto-completion, pop-up blocking, etc) that can make surfing the web on a mobile phone a fun. 
So, here is a small list of some more advanced Web Browsers which can be installed in J2ME Cellphones:

Opera Mini

Opera is known for bringing a first-class web experience to thousands of mobile phones, and our latest mobile browsers bring great enhancements that make Opera the best choice for thousands of devices.
The clean, simple and elegant user experience is now modernized and enhanced. Scrolling and zooming is buttery smooth, with support for the latest technology . Opera displays complete webpages, just like on your computer.
Switching between open web-pages is a snap with tabs, and Speed Dial launches your favorite websites with a single click.
With Opera, you’ll navigate with ease on both touchscreen and keypad devices. The browser comfortably adjusts to your needs by switching between portrait and landscape mode and also lets you adjust the font size for easier reading.
Source: Opera Mini Home

Opera Mini installation process:

Go to the Opera Mini & Opera Mobile - Download page. 

Now, click on Download Wizard under Install through your PC section:

Now, select you Mobile Manufacturer Company (in my case it is Nokia as I'm downloading one for my Nokia 6300 Mobile phone). Now, choose your Mobile Model No. (which is 6300 in my case).

Now, download the JAD and JAR files and install them on your device.


UC WEB is a free mobile browser available for Symbian and Java platform.

UC WEB [Source: UC WEB Homepage]
UC WEB Features:
  1. Multi tabbed browsing
  2. Page Zoom support
  3. Bookmark
  4. UC WEB download manager and
countless other valuable features.
UC WEB - Bookmarks Feature [Source: UC WEB Homepage]
UC WEB installation process:

Go to the UC WEB download page:
UC WEB Download Page
Now, choose your Device platform on the Quick Install page. My device (Nokia 6300)'s platform is Java.

UC WEB - Quick Install Page
Now, download the Browser File from the Page:

UC WEB download for Java


BOLT is a downloadable browser that offers an uncompromised browsing experience all levels of mobile phones, including lower-end mobile phones.
Rather than offering a simplified, mini-version of the Internet, BOLT provides users with a fast, efficient way to enjoy full desktop PC-style web pages, streaming video, and social media applications on all levels of mobile devices.

Built on advanced cloud-computing browsing technology, BOLT is the culmination of five years experience in developing mobile browsers that optimize data consumption, usability, speed and performance on everything from high end smartphones to resource-constrained systems with limited memory, processing power and screen space.

BOLT Features:
  1. Streaming Media Support 
  2. Tabbed Browsing 
  3. Direct Facebook and Twitter Integration 
  4. Widgets 
  5. Rendering Quality 
  6. Copy/Paste 
  7. Auto Complete Support for URL Entry 
  8. Pop-up Blocking 
  9. Click to Call
  10. Upload and Download Content from the BOLT Browser 
  11. Save Pages and Images 
  12. RSS Feeds 
  13. Password Manager 
  14. Data Transfer Options 
BOLT Browser Home

BOLT is the only Java Mobile Browser which supports direct Media streaming from sites such as Youtube.


TeaShark gives you full web browsing on your mobile phone with superb usability and performance. It renders web pages the same way as desktop browsers. No more mobile web with hardly any content. Your favorite sites are the same on your phone and the desktop.

Teashark Features:
  1. Multiple Tabs and History
  2. 2 Levels Zoom
  3. Bookmark management with color tagging
  4. Enhanced Click and Search
  5. Intuitive Navigation
Teashark Intuitive Navigation
Teashark is a beta service, and is not yet fully tested. You can download Teashark Browser from the Teashark download page


PicoWeb is a fast, feature rich and free HTML Web browser for any Java (J2ME, MIDP 2.0) cellphone. Supporting hyperlinks, images, forms, cookies, HTTPS, bookmarks and much more, PicoWeb enables users to browse the real web and not be limited to only mobile sites.

Have we missed listing one or more of other J2ME Browsers ? If yes, please feel free to write to us about it.



  1. There are some more browsers:
    1. QQ Browser Now Renamed as One Browser
    2. Minute Browser... This is an html browser

  2. teashark does not work on j2me phone.:-(