How to convert flv to 3gp video ?

How to convert FLV (Flash Video) to a 3GP Video for Cellphones ?

To convert FLV to 3GP Videos, there are number of free and commercial softwares widely available for download on the Web. Some of the Video Converter softwares available for download are:
1.       Total Video Converter                    [Shareware]
2.       Cool FLV to 3GP Converter           [Freeware  ]
3.       All Free 3GP Video Converter       [Freeware  ]

There are several other Video Converter Softwares but we won’t be focusing on them in this post. Here, we will be using the one called All Free3GP Video Converter as this is free and at the same time, has several qualities in it worth mentioning. Also, the software specifically suits the conversion of an FLV Video to a 3GP Video for Mobile phones.

Converting FLV to 3GP with All Free 3GP Video Converter:

Launch All Free 3GP Video Converter

Click Add Video

Now, select a video in the new window that opens. You can also select multiple video files on one go. Then Click Open

Now Click Next and then Select the VIDEO Tab and then Click the To 3GP Option(refer to the picture below). The other Tabs available are DEVICES and AUDIO. The DEVICES Tab has 3 options: To PSP, To BlackBerry and To MobilePhone while the AUDIO Tab has 3 options: To WAV, To MP3 and To WMA.  The User may choose any of the desired Tabs and choose the most appropriate option according to his/her need/s. Then Click Convert

All Free 3GP Video Converter then starts converting the Flash Videos to 3GP Videos

You can also get the preview of the video being converted by ticking the Preview option like so:

All Free 3GP Video Converter - Preview Option
Another feature of All Free 3GP Video Converter is the option to Shutdown the computer after all tasks are finished which like the name says, shuts your Computer down after it finishes converting the Video Files.  

After All Free 3GP Video Converter finishes converting the videos, it will notify the user about the successful conversion.
This is it for the conversion process after which, you may copy the 3GP videos to your Cellphone to play them anytime you want.
Output Videos in Documents Folder