How to change screen resolution of FP IDE?

How to change Screen size of Free Pascal IDE?

Free Pascal's FP IDE is still used for widely  used first hand for editing Pascal programs. But, FP IDE's default small screen makes it very hard to code in the FP IDE. To change the FP IDE Screen Size, we have to goto Options->Environment->Preferences... 

Then change the video mode to '80x50 color' (default is 40x25):

Alternative IDEs and Code Editors for editing Pascal Source files:

Pascal programmers can also use a fully featured Integrated Development Environment/s(eg.Lazarus, SkyIDE, Zeus IDE) or Text Editors (eg. Geany, CodeBlocks, EditPad, Notepad++ and many others):

Lazarus IDE
EditPad's Delphi Code Editor
CodeBlocks Pascal Code Editing

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