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Wings is an accounting software designed for the modern business. When merely tallying books is not enough. Wings Accounting, completely web-based, will help setup online systems across branches.

Wings is the finest software available today for businesses of all kinds. It offers the best in technology, design, architecture, features and functionality.
Wings sets new standards in financial accounting as it helps you go beyond vanilla and do much more.

Wings 2000 Accounting Software

The various functions covered by Wings Accounting are described below, broadly.

Complete financial including General Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash & Funds Flow, Bank Reconciliation, PDCs etc.

Sales & Purchases
Complete sales and purchases, including procurement, orders, deliveries, cancellations, returns, invoicing, Discounts etc. Extensive analysis, credit management and documents management (C Forms etc).

VAT, Sales Tax, TDS, Excise, Cenvat, Excise Invoice, Inclusive & Exclusive Taxes, Automatic & Manual tax entries, Tax Registers etc. are all supported in Wings . Reports can be generated for each tax for statutory returns and VAT returns for all states. Wings will accommodate taxes worldwide.

Receivables & Payables
Wings facilitates comprehensive debtors and creditors management, bill-wise , overdue bills, interest calculations on overdue bills, user-defined ageing, reminder letters etc.

Inventory Management
The most complete inventory management in its class. It covers infinite number of products with detailed master information, product codes and attributes. The software also enables you to:
  • Assign pictures and barcodes to products
  • Manage multiple stocks and conversion factors
  • Define product batches - assign manufacturing and expiry dates, and batch-wise prices
  • Use multiple units of measure and conversion factors
  • Manage multiple price lists etc
  • Maintain inventory across multiple locations
  • Manage product and branch transfers, inter-branch transfers, internal consumption etc.
  • Record excesses & shortages
  • Manage location wise reorders, costing, valuations etc.
Create and manage any number of budgets, for any account or group of accounts, segment-wise, for any period. You can also get a variance analysis.

Analysis and Reports
A large number of ready-to-use reports that provide deep insight about your business. Reports are fast, and can be exported to MS Excel, as PDF files and can be emailed. Reports have extensive drill down capabilities and can be manipulated to suit your requirements. Reports can also be viewed as Graphs. 

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