iearn123 Earn money 30$ daily is scam


iearn123 Earn 30$ daily

According to StatMyweb, iearn123 was started on October 13, 2012 (ie. 19 days before creating this post) and it's Subscription is for 1 year only (the website will expire after 1 year if not renewed by the Administrator).
StatMyweb - iearn123

What does it mean? Why you should be concerned about it being just 1 year?
It simply means that the Website can be brought down by the Administrator anytime s/he wants. 1 year is not a "Long Term" period - something which really does make a big difference in the reliability of such Website.

Why you should be concerned if it was started on October 13, 2012?
Paid To Click sites (or should we say "Paid To Visit"? - which is what ultimately iearn123 claims/seems to be) are trusted by experienced users only when there is enough and real proof that payments are being made to the Users and that the Site is for "Long Term" and has been since a "Long Time". Periods like a month or two neither makes it a "Long Term" nor "since a Long Time". 
In fact many experienced  users trust PTC Sites only when they are atleast a year or two old.   

iearn123 details

It's Page Rank took a huge leap from 9,00,000 to around 1,00,000 in just 2 weeks because of it's unusually high claim to Users' profit.


The Site does not even have a Confirmation Email policy and additionally gives $1 as Signup Bonus (how kind of iearn123, isn't it?). Although it was evident that the site was (is) a scam, we decided to test it first before creating this post. So we made few fake referral clicks on our own and additionally also used our Blog to drive some people to the Website through our referral link: 

Blog Link to iearn123

iearn123 - pending amount

According to the website, you should get a payout option after you've exceeded the minimum amount limit (ie. 25$). But after you make it up to 25$ or more, it only results in a "never ending" Survey and thus, is a SCAM.

There are two more interestingly stupid things about iearn123:
  1. The first unusual thing about iearn123 is that in most Traffic Referral Sites, the Sites have special security check to prevent abuse of the links ie. They check if you're clicking your links yourself (via IP Address). Most of Paid To Click Sites (like NeoBux) & Pay Per Download sites (like Sharecash) ban the User Account if they find that the Link Owners themselves are clicking their own link/s. Cautious that iearn123 might ban us, we used TOR Browser to hide IP Address only to find out later that just clearing the Internet History & Cookies was enough to get more clicks(referral visits) enabled. This is too unusual characteristic to be present in a legit Traffic Referring Site, sites like ADF.LY too won't increase your balance if you start clicking your own link because if the users are allowed to do so, the sites will be Bankrupt.
  2. The Second unusual thing about iearn123 is that the Link that you're given to refer to (ie. "share your links with your friends" - according to iearn123) only leads those who click your referral link to iearn123 signup page (instead of the page with Ads which increases some Website's Traffic). This is very unusual and is a "POINT" enough to alarm anyone who has experience with sites like NeoBux that the site in question is a scam.
There was an interesting flow of comments in iearn123 Facebook page:

iearn123 - facebook page comments

Please note that even though there was a continuous flow of complains, the IEARN123 Facebook Page Admin did not reply at all.

Still not convinced that iearn123 is a scam?
If you're not convinced yet then here's a "logical proof". If you frequently download files from the web then you must have come across ADF.LY shortened links. 

Do you know why you earn money through your shortened your links which will be visited by others?
It's not because you've shortened your links that makes you money, it's because of Website owners. The Website Administrators who have new Website (which of course, does not get a good traffic) or a Website which is not getting a reasonable traffic (which may be because of numerous conditions) pay sites like ADF.LY and ADFOC.US (there are many other Traffic referrer sites) to get good traffic (which will be helpful in long term to the Website Administrator). advertise your website

When you shorten links, what your "link visitors" get is an AD which delays the target by about 5-10 seconds and in the mean time, displays the Website they are paid to refer to. Thus, the visitors indirectly view some other website and thus your visitors indirectly visit the Website which paid the sites like ADF.LY for traffic.
So, do you know what the rate per view is charged by ADF.LY is?
NOT $1+ per referral visit certainly, the rate of ADF.LY is 10,000 views per $5: - Skip Ad
And the $5 includes the portion which keeps ADF.LY running and on-profit. Just think about it again, $5 for 10,000. Just imagine that you were paying ADF.LY for it, what it means is that you're paying $5 to ADF.LY to get your website visited about 10,000 times from all around the world. 
So which "fool" do you think would pay iearn123 about $1+ ($1 to yourself and balance to iearn123 [assuming that iearn123 is making some profit from remaining portion]) to get JUST 1 visit.
So our question is, would you pay $1+ per 1 view to "iearn123" instead of $5 per 10,000 views to ADF.LY for increasing your website traffic?

If you pay more attention to the iearn123 banner, you will see the list of pay-out methods available:

pay-out options

But there are more points to be noted:
  1. The Website does not even have a forum for discussions.
  2. The Website gives insufficient details about the Payment Method It reveals the pay-out option only after you make at least 25 referral "visits" (and not "sign-up"). 
  3. There Website does not take sufficient details about your identity(no need for Users' real name, Address, Contact Number and Post Box Details, etc)  and your preferred receipt option (except your email address at sign-up). It does not even care if the email is of PayPal or Payza or otherwise during the Sign-up process.
  4. The List of "Payment Methods available" is only a picture which was posted by adding a Screen snapshot.
About iearn123 Contact Details:

iearn123 Contact Details
Like everything else in the website, the Contact given in the Website is ALSO fake.
Now take a look at BetterWhois report about iearn123 and pay attention to the Address:
11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90064
And now read this page from SCAMWARNERS revealing some facts about the misuse of same address for SCAM.

ScamAdvisor's Report:



  1. Awesome Eye-Opener Man.. People needs logic these days

  2. And you've no limit on how much you can earn. Isn't that hilarious? :D

  3. I think it removed the Facebook Conversation (maybe the page itself).
    And i too think that iearn123 IS Fraud.

  4. Wow! cool analysis!
    I knew the site was a scam / fraud. But people are still joining and hoping the will earn quick money!

    1. Yes, its a very sad thing many people are joining it thinking that they will earn 30$/day when so many others are already complaining about it in their facebook page itself.


  6. why we cant finish the survey???i have a $41 here..still cant make a survey...

    1. Many people had 400$+, they couldn't withdraw either. You can't finish it because you believed in a SCAM.

  7. bro i have 72$ in my account but the survey is not showing....if survey shows then i`ve difficulty about this.......postcode is not matched with state....could u please guaid me on my facebook acount my account is

      This is what this post is all about. That Site is a fraudulent site. No one has been paid and no one will be paid.
      If the referral code is assumed to be the Registering User's number, then there are already atleast, tens of thousands of Victims mostly who are perhaps from the US.
      Others are from Canada, UK, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Pakistan and other similar countries.

      What iEARN123 USRES don't know
      Paid To Click Sites usually pay somewhere from 1/10th of a Cent to 2 Cents per Click to the Users, this is in fact the Standard(Industry) Rate and Sites like NeoBux pay at this rate.

      When you get any site that claims/promises to pay at the rate of 30 cents or above per click, there is a clear indication that it could be a SCAM/FRAUD.

      This however DOES NOT mean that PPD/PTC Sites can't pay 30 cents or above(check for reliable proof/s of payments in the Site first before signing up), if they do actually pay so then there surely is something Compulsory on your part that you must do to earn the same.

  8. I Have $75.00 a friend of mine share iearn123 to me she told me to try if this is so hard to finish the survey there is no survey actually they will bring you to the wbsite where in you have to download, but even after downloading files theres nothing happen you cant still withdraw your earnings...


  10. Haha you don't have to read this blog. Just go to the site and read the content on it. Its like a 4 year old wrote it. Its such a joke. I'm thinking a foreigner wrote it because the address is in INDIA hahaha

    1. Yes, it is. There are many mistakes along with many illogical / unworthy "security features"(already mentioned above).
      But, it's sad that the Site has 1,05,000+ Sign-ups, so we can say that not everyone understands that it's equivalent to a creation from a 4 years old kid.
      But, there's no denying & no doubt that those 1,00,000 people have made iearn123 a big sum of money by filling-up the survey.

      What's more surprising is that in-spite of dedicating a post on this topic & in-spite of so many complains already on it's page, many people sign-up and post their so-called "Referral link" on their Status & on the iearn123 facebook page. In fact many people ask questions in THIS post on how to complete the survey and/or withdraw the money when this post clearly says that the site is a scam.

      And yes, like everything else on the site, the Contact is ALSO fake.

      Thank you for your comment.

  11. fake and real scammer.......


    1. So, are THE 203732th FOOL who just proved that he does not understand English.

    2. So its really a scam,poor to those people hu still and keeps on believing in this scam,and guys,even in the philippines,there aRe also people who patronizes it.Then HOW COULD IT BE STOPPED?

  13. thank you for sharing this article ...