How to post links in YouTube Comments?

Using Links with YouTube Comments


YouTube doesn't allow posting Links in comments. When you do try to post one, you'll get the "Oops! Remove any web addresses and try again." error.

While there is no proper way to insert a link in YouTube comments, we can apply some tricks to get around with it:

1. Posting other YouTube video URL in comment

While commenting on some YouTube video, users might want to share links of other videos, the method that is used these days to do the same is to post the /watch part. ie. /watch?v=N-xHcvug3WI of the URL for the following case:

The URL can be posted by removing the initial protocol part (ie. http://www. part) and replacing the slash / with backslash \. The link that results will be:\watch?v=N-xHcvug3WI
instead of

Browsers these days will fix the slash and backslash error, and proper link will be generated and used, thus other users will be able to copy-paste and use your links without problem.

2. Posting Webpage URL in YouTube comment

While YouTube can't detect the use of sub-domain names ( in the comment body, it can detect the use of domain names (

To use a custom domain URL, you can shorten the link with Google URL Shortener

And then replace the slash / with a backslash \ and post the link:\9dpXM3
instead of

Post your URL in YouTube comment

After you have done this, you can start posting your link and it will work without problem with copy-paste:

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