How to run Manhunt 2 game in Intel 945 (GMA 950)?

Manhunt 2 needs a Video card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 (minimum), with support for TnL, but Intel GMA 950 does not have support for Hardware T&L. So how do you run Manhunt 2?

1. 3d Analyzer

3d Analyze is a software which fools the game into thinking that your old video card supports the advanced 3d features that the game requires, this is achieved through NUL-rendering, so you'll experience little to no drop in fps.
Because NUL-rendering is used, it may result in incorrect display in some games (as the 3d feature still remains missing), it will not work for all games (specially modern games).

Download 3d Analyze from Tommti systems, and launch it (Run as Administrator if you are using Vista/7).

Select the game executable file in 3d Analyze.

Then under Performance section, choose "force SW TnL", and under Hardware Limits (cap bits) section, choose "emulate HW TnL caps".

Now click Run.

2. AddGame.reg

Download the AddGame.reg file here and launch it.

 By creating a Registry setting for the game, it enables the Software T&L mode (even when your hardware doesn't support it), thus allowing you to play the game.

Now, launch the Manhunt2, if it still does not open, uninstall your current Intel GMA Driver, then download and install the Sherry Intel 9xx Driver, and launch the game.